Saturday May 21st (3pm – 6pm)

Sunday May 22nd (4pm – 6pm)

Cost: PKR 7,500

Early bird Price: PKR 6,500


Fatema Siddiki

Fatema Siddiki, an Abstract Artist and an Art Coach, has developed her own visual color narrative through her paintings, composing her emotions with a new expansive perspective. Her paintings are an amalgamation of colors, feelings and expressions. Fatema after graduating from Yale and UCLA in design communication arts has exhibited her work in Hollywood, California and New York City. She now conducts Art Workshops, globally, where everyone is welcome to learn and express their individuality through art. To de-clutter and de-stress your mind and put the focus back on the important thing in your life which is YOU.

A two day workshop where you will learn about Abstract Art and different techniques on how to compose a painting and the most important, to paint,, where you will get an opportunity to create a space to heal, a space to feel, and endure your OWN ARTISTIC STYLE and a certificate by the end of the workshop.

Course Outline

Day 1

– Abstract Art Introduction with slides
– Design Fundamentals ( How you can actually start to make an Abstract Painting without looking at a google image)
– Intro About Color Theory
– Brushing Techniques
– Make Your Own Painting

Day 2

– Abstract art composition
– Non dominant hand painting

Two Day Abstract Art Workshop
For those ready to tap in your emotions in the world of Abstract Art

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