Course Duration: 4 weeks

Timing: Saturday (11am - 2pm)

Fees: Rs 20,000

What You'll Learn:

Explain the structure and function of the human skeletal system

Describe the structure and function of the skeletal muscle system

Explain the structure and function of the nervous system

Describe the primary joint actions and the muscles that drive them

Explain how movement is initiated, maintained, and modified

Describe the four necessary steps to prepare for your client

Explain the essential roles of motivation, feedback and exercise capacity

Outline the steps to perform a movement analysis for any exercise

Explain the steps to restore structural alignment and stability from head to toe

Describe the corrective exercises that correspond with the most common movement dysfunctions

Describe soft tissue assessments and correctives for the most common joint restrictions


Ammar Ahsan

Ammar Ahsan holds an elite trainer status form International Sports Science Association with certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, and corrective exercise. Ammar is also an Alumnus Of Temple University, USA, with a B.S in Kinesiology and a Concentration in exercise physiology.

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