Early Bird Discount : Rs 30,000 Rs 25,000

Instructor : Umar Arif

Starting Date : Coming Soon

Time : Sunday 2pm-5pm

Location : 4th Floor, Emerald Tower, Block 5, Do Talwar, Main Clifton Road, Karachi.


Umar Arif

ISSA Certified Fitness and Sports Nutrition Coach. Umer helps people incorporate training and proper nourishment as a part of their lifestyle.


“I’ll be your guide for the discovery of joys and benefits that regular exercise brings along.”

1Sports Nutrition
2Food, Ingredients and Nutrients
4Protein & Amino Acids
5Lipids & the Athlete
6Food & Oxygen
9Metabolites & Botanical Supplements
10Guide to Food & Supplement Product Labelling
11Label Claims for Conventional Foods & Dietary Supplements
12Anatomy of an Athlete, Cells, Tissues and Systems
13Digestion & Absorption
14Body Composition
15Calorie Needs & Metabolism
16Dietary Guidelines For Pakistanis
17Sports Nutrition Approach Concept & Examples
18Fat Loss & Muscle Gain for Athletes
19Glycogen Loading
20Special Concerns of Athletic Females
21Athletic Performance & Improvement